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  • What Singapore investors need to know?
    China’s richest man, Mr Wang Jianlin has warned about China’s growing property bubble as property prices in China keep heading north and credit is also piling. Mr Wang Jianlin called it the “biggest bubble in history”. And it is not just about the China’s front, the outcome of US Presidency will definitely shape the world’s stocks markets and economies. Many believe a Trump Presidency will bring about more uncertainties to the world’s economies. Investors should really factor in the above when it comes to making long-term investments. For me, I will adopt a trading strategy for now unless I ... read more
    Source: on 2016-10-01By Tom Tom Tom
  • Coyote Singapore: The Newest Tex-Mex That Everyone’ll Taco ‘Bout
    Decked in the iconic green, white and red of the Mexican flag, Coyote is a fresh new Tex-Mex concept in Phoenix Park introduced by the same people behind Spruce. Coyote is helmed by Chef Jihardi Amin, who is uprising in the culinary scene of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Being formerly mentored by two renowned Mexican chefs, he now combines his familiarity with local and exotic flavours to produce Mexican food with Asian-styled innovation. Coyote occupies the spot that formerly belonged to Spruce. Fans of the American brunch joint may resent the change, but as a lover of ... read more
    Source: on 2016-10-01By Gloria Sim
  • Trekking Holiday – 8 Tips On What To Expect And How To Plan
    Some people travel for food, some people travel for shopping; of course, there are travellers who actually embark on holidays just to trek. If you have never been on a hiking vacation or are planning for one, it is important to consider various factors to ensure your safety. Investing in quality hiking shoes and protecting yourselves from insects are some to get you started. Here are 8 Tips on What To Expect and How To Plan For A Trekking Holiday. #1 ALTITUDE SICKNESS There are various forms of altitude sickness and most people do not even know that they actually ... read more
    Source: on 2016-10-01By Hui Jun Ng
  • Botswana – Milky Way at the Safari
    After an exciting afternoon of safari photography at Mashatu Game Reserve, we spied a hint of the milky way appearing up in the skies. Stoked, we looked around, ascertained that there were no animals (especially predators) nearby, jumped out of the car for a quickie shot. It was the fastest milky way photography I have ever done ;) Share this:Like this:Like Loading... Related Categories: Photography, Travel | Tags: adventure, Afrique du Sud, ทางช้างเผือก, แอฟริกาใต้, botswana, Млечный Путь, 남아프리카, 银河, 야간 촬영, 은하수, landscape, mashatu, mashatu game reserve, Melkweg, Milchstraße, milky way, Nachtaufnahmen, night, night photography, photographie de ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By spunktitud3
  • Halloween & Christmas Picks From Lush Sg
    Lush is everyone’s favourite handmade cosmetic stores and I was really psyched to be one of the first to check out the latest festive launch which featured both the Halloween and Christmas collection. My favourite section has got to be the bath bombs area. This Christmasarus Rex is just one of the many fun festive bath bombs available for sale. I found this new range of bath bombs to be more visually captivating the moment they touch the water. My personal picks would be the blue one with golden stars (I’ve forgotten the name!), Northern Lights which is shaped like a ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By Charlotte
  • Being low maintenance helps in saving $
    I am a self-proclaimed low maintenance lady and I attribute this lifestyle and my personality of wanting to make my money worth (most of the times), to why I manage to save $100k at 25.I love browsing through famous instagramers' feed. From their immaculate makeup, fashionable outfits, to their pretty manicures, I'll also do a double tap. But, I've never bear to splash cash to be like them. I'd rather have spend my money on food than makeup, and nice clothes that doesn't cost a bomb.Here's how I keep a low maintenance lifestyle: 1) I don't do makeup Must self-praise ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By Cherry
  • Your summary to what’s going on in Deutsche Bank: 5x Lehman Brothers crisis
    If you have't been aware of how the STI has been performing, it has dropped 1% before steadily climbing up in the late afternoon today. So what's going on that is causing all the fear and volatility? While fear of Deutsche Bank collapsing has been lingering for months, it seems that it has escalated higher where some hedge funds are starting to withdraw their accounts. This is essentially a bank run on a small scale, much similar to the one in 2008 where institutions stopped trading with affected parties due to counterparty risks. Well, before you start withdrawing all your ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By szcszc
  • 4 Almost-Free Activities to Do with Friends That Won’t Get You Rejected
    Maintaining a social life in Singapore isn’t the cheapest thing, which explains why so many people’s only friends are their anime figurines. If you find yourself regularly heading out for drinks, dinners and the occasional Sunday brunch, don’t be surprised if your monthly spending on entertainment alone hits a three figure sum. Meals at restaurants in Singapore can easily go up to $25-$30 per person, and two cocktails can set you back $50. If you want to avoid the overpriced F&B scene, it can be hard to think of things your friends won’t mind doing, because let’s just say not ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By Joanne Poh
  • 10 Cafes & Restaurants In Sentosa You Must Dine At
    Sentosa is an island in Singapore we escape to when we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A game of volleyball, a stroll along the beach or nature trails, sunbathing, a ride down the Luge, a walk around the Merlion… the island sure is one to keep us occupied with its sheer number of outdoor activities and array of themed attractions, but the island is also home to some amazing restaurants, bars and cafés that you might have overlooked while having fun. A trove of different dining concepts and cuisines makes Sentosa an ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By ladyironchef
  • Craftholic Café – 1st Pop-Up Café In Singapore At Kki, So Cute You Cannot Resist
    Craftholic is collaborating with Kki Sweets at School of the Arts SOTA to bring their very first pop up café outside Japan. Beside Kki’s cakes, they are offering a themed menu till 13 November. [embedded content] For those who you who have zero idea what Craftholic is, it is a series of huggable and stylish plush cushions designed by the Japanese designer, Ikuko Yamamoto. Alamak. Soooooooo CUTE. You may have recognised some of its characters, namely Korat Cat, Loris Monkey, Rab Bunny and Sloth Bear. As this ... read more
    Source: on 2016-09-30By admin
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