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  • WEDDINGS – Lora’s Wedding – Lion Dance Performance by Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre Singapore
    Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre Singapore WEDDINGS - Lora's Wedding - Pan Pacific Hotel Singapore - Pacific Ballroom - As my wedding was held during the festive Chinese New Year Period, we decided to invite Singapore's award-winning and top Lion Dance troupe - Quan Wei to perform for all my 408 wedding guests and to bring everyone good luck, prosperity and wealth. It was a great way to start my wedding celebration with a big bang and got everyone excited and hyped about the other upcoming performances throughout the entire 5 hours wedding dinner… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Sgsisters Lim
  • Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice
    The Internet has made some of the biggest modern celebrities out of the most regular of people, doing the most regular things. The same can be said of how Instagram has turned some of the most incredible hidden food gems and into #FoodPorn sensations. The alleyway where Youshokuya Kichi Kichi Omu Rice can be found Kichi Kichi Omu Rice (洋食屋 キチキチ) is one of those restaurants that became a sensational discovery after one traveller posted a video of Chef-Owner, Chef Motokichi Yukimura, doing his “thang”, whipping up a plate of the fluffiest, most video-ready plate of omu rice the internet has ever seen in his small… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Carrie
  • [NEW] REVIEW: shu uemura Skin Purifier Anti/Oxi+ Pollutant & Dullness Clarifying Cleansing Oil
    Hello everyone! Following the introduction of the Anti/Oxi Skin Refining cleansing oil in 2013, shu umera has been making further improvements to the formula to combat against rising threats to the skin. With the haze becoming a frequent occurrence in Singapore, they have empowered their latest anti-pollution breakthrough, Anti/Oxi+, with the new green trio – papaya extract, moringa extract and green tea extract – to remove pollutants including PM2.5 from the skin. Special thanks to shu uemura for gifting me these lovely eclairs (baked by Two Bakers), modelled after 6 of their best sellers! They are DELISH. PM2.5 refers to air pollution particles that have a… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Fiona Seah
  • A time machine to the Singapore of the 60s
    It is wonderful that technology allows the wealth of photographs that exist of a Singapore we no longer see to be shared. Those especially taken by those whose stay in Singapore was temporary, offer perspectives of places as they were that the local might have thought little of capturing. One of my favourite sets of photographs are those of a David Ayres. Shared through a Flickr album Oldies SE Asia containing some 250 photographs, they take us back to Mr. Ayres’ days in the Royal Navy and include many scenes of places of the Singapore of my childhood that I would not otherwise have been able to ever see again. A part… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Jerome Lim, The Wondering Wanderer
  • Record demand for silver in 2015
    According to The Silver Institute, the silver market posted record demand in 2015, driven by new highs from demand of jewelry, coins and bars. Last year also saw the third consecutive annual silver market deficit of 129.8 million ounces, reflecting the continued strength in silver demand. The data from The Silver Institute reveals a couple important trends that wealth builders should take note. Firstly, unlike gold, silver has very wide industrial applications. Thus, the majority of silver demand come from industrial fabrications for electronic devices, photography, solar and brazing alloys. In 2015, due to the weak global demand, the overall… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By sgwealthbuilder
  • The $10 bet
    Having dated my partner for 4 years and knowing that he's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, the natural step is to purchase a flat together.I thought purchasing a flat was going to be easy and smooth - apply and you'll get it. Haha, I probably thought I was very lucky. But I was so wrong. It's all about the timing and luck - whether there are estates you like and whether you'll get a unit based on your ballot number. I've applied for 2 rounds of BTO since 2015 but were… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Cherry
    My first ASUS phone review was ASUS ZenFone Selfie and look what came to me this time. It’s the ASUS ZenFone Max. The new ASUS ZenFone Max has the incredibly long lasting 5000mAh battery with a built-in power bank for on-the go charging convenience. I can’t wait to check it out. But first, let me unbox the packaging. [embedded content]With ONLY S$249.00, ZenFone Max is available at IT Show, ASUS brand stores, ASUS authorised dealers, Singtel and StarHub. It is quite an affordable price for a smartphone! The phone comes with a cable, a charger, a pair of earphones… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By hazelleo
  • Top 3 Ways Kiasu Singaporean Parents Waste Money Unnecessarily
    When I was a kid, the main child-related things my parents spent on other than the necessary food and clothes were Enid Blyton books, My Little Pony figurines and that very familiar cane with the colourful plastic handle. Kids nowadays are way more complicated. Not only do they seem to wither and die if they aren’t within reach of a wifi-detecting device, they also spend hours each day in tuition classes, music lessons, sports coaching, math olympiad training and coding classes. Phew. It’s no wonder than no matter how much money the government gives parents through the Baby Bonus and… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Joanne Poh
  • Do All The Little Things Add Up? (2016)
    One of the small tiny little things that I have done to improve the quality of my life is.... not caring about coins. I really don't care about coins at all. I hated having coins in my wallet because they would jingle, be bulky, be heavy and worst of all, they would ruin my wallet. Back in 2014, I changed my life when I decided to do away with all my bulky and ugly wallets and I instead settled for a Bellroy Hide & Seek wallet. It is a slim wallet and it doesn't have a coin pouch. It's… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Cystic
  • New Cantonese Masterpieces & Gastronomic Refinement at Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant
    Sponsored Review If having healthier food is one of the top preferred choices on your list, you’ll be delighted to know that Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant – one of Singapore’s renowned Chinese restaurants with a glorious history of 21 years will be fulfilling your desires with its new à la carte menu from 9 May 2016 While taking into consideration on the preference for dishes with less sugar, oil, salt and seasonings, Executive Chinese Chef Brian Wong Shiuh Yean, explores ways to bring out natural flavours of each ingredient while minimising the amount of sugar, salt and oil added, at… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-05-31By Darren Ang
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