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  • 13 Best Cafes to Visit in Seminyak, Bali Totally Worth Searching For
    Shame on you if you haven’t been to Bali yet, it is a sacred travel destination all Singaporeans should really be lusting after – well, shame on both my colleague and I then as we had recently made our first forage into Bali.We have took it upon ourselves to compile a quintessential cafe list, which includes all the good, the new and the delectables that you should visit while you’re there on a holiday. We are super excited to share this with you – please do this list justice by feasting on everything that we ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-27By Xinhui Ong
  • Why Being A Singaporean Is More Than Great
    Singapore may be just a tiny little red dot on the world map, but it is one of the best first-world cities and one of the most desirable city to live in. We are so lucky to be Singaporeans, to hold the red passport that the world covets, and to have stability like no other – easy access to water and electricity, crime-free streets, great education systems, lots of good food… As our nation is celebrating her 51st birthday soon, here’s Why Being A Singaporean Is More Than Great. WE ARE SINGAPORE Everyone can sing this national song, ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-27By ladyironchef
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    Source: on 2016-07-26
  • EXPOSED on Kopenhagen Rabbit Keychains: You are supporting animal cruelty WITHOUT knowing it!
    I've been wanting to post this for the LONGEST time ever but I just couldn't find the time to sit down to do it. It's something that has been bothering me for quite awhile and I am SO glad that it came out in the news today. Yes, if you haven't heard about it - It's regarding this little cutesy keychain here (known as "Kopenhagen rabbits") that I am sure you would have seen it somewhere. It's like the in-trend thing and I can guarantee you almost all the girls out there would squeal in delight ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By SG Complain Queen's Rants
  • [Review] Philips Mite Cleaner FC6232/02
    So the kiddo has allergic rhinitis, which apparently is rather common in Singapore, affecting up to 50 per cent of children aged 4 to 17 years. And the most common trigger for allergic rhinitis is exposure to house dust mites, followed by cigarette smoke. There are a couple of ways to get rid of house dust mites. You could call in the professionals for cleaning or buy a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for mattress cleaning. It was saturday night when I decided to get a dust mite cleaner and I wanted to get one to start cleaning by sunday. ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By Charlotte
  • Uncertainty Is An Investor’s Best Friend
    The best time to invest in the market is when there are full of uncertainties surrounding the sentiments of the market and the company itself. Given how interconnected we are in today's global world, the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Think a few months back when there were signs of talk from media regarding the Chinese economy going for a hard landing, stock market across the world crashes down massively, prompting circuit breaker in a few markets. Think a few months back when everyone was touting a massive office oversupply which ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By B
  • Why Millennials Should Care about What the Government is Doing to Keep Older Singaporeans Employed
    So recently, Tharman Shanmugaratnam said that Singapore’s retirement age will have to go someday. And of course, many young people responded with an impassioned “So you want us to work until we die?” What these people don’t understand is that the retirement age has nothing to do with how long you are forced to work to make ends meet. In countries where citizens get pensions, retirement signals that it’s time to kick back and bust out the piña coladas. Singaporeans don’t receive pensions, hence whether the retirement age is 45 or 100, if you don’t save and invest for your ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By Joanne Poh
  • What’s Wrong With Japan’s Economy? – Bloomberg
    Personally, I think pretty much everything is wrong with Japan's economy, but why don't you let Bloomberg tell you the facts instead of me?Here are my 2 favourite stats from the article: In 3 years, the BOJ have expanded their balance sheet from 34.5% of GDP (which is honestly ridiculous enough to begin with) to a massive 80.6% of their GDP (and it is slowly increasing). This is very unsurprisingly to me since the BOJ is the top 10 shareholder of 90% of the Nikkei 225 and also owns 55% of their entire ETF market. Which is of course ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By Cystic
  • Buffet Town – The Best Of “Singapore Food Fare” Buffet, Only Till 31 Aug
    A buffet line-up of international fare and local favourites, with over 300 buffet items and 29 categories. Buffet Town at Raffles City B1 has introduced a “Singapore Food Fare” theme that you can jioyour friends and family to. Think Chili Crabs, Roti Prata with Braised Lamb with Asian Spice Curry, Chef Fish Curry, Tau Hu Goreng, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa, Satay Bee Hoon, Singapore Hokkien Mee, Fish Head Soup and DIY Yong Tau Fu. Mai tu liao. [embedded content] The “Singapore Food Fare 狮城美食 will be available from 5 July ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By admin
  • 5 Essential Shops for Singaporeans on a Budget
    ION Orchard or Paragon are what many shoppers in Singapore think of when they want to drop some cash. Well, if you like throwing money at designer handbags with fancy European-sounding names but that are actually made by Chinese factory workers, be our guest. But for Singaporeans on a budget, there’s nowhere you’d rather be less. In fact, you’ll want to avoid standard malls and shops.  in favour of these five places that anyone trying to survive this country on a budget must know about. Daiso Before you buy anything, always check if Daiso has it first. The Japanese chain ... read more
    Source: on 2016-07-26By Joanne Poh
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