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  • Happy Birthday, Me
    Happy Birthday. The last one year was the hardest year you've been through. Though it was filled with lotsa tears and hardship, it was worth it. Becox at the end, you found courage, you felt love, love from your family, your friends and from many gentle strangers out there, who dropped you kind words, in hope for nothing in return, but just for you to be better. People who supported you selflessly, who stand to gain nothing but just to have you be back on your feet, they supported you anyway. Be very thankful. Never forget who did… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-06-27By QiuQiu
  • Ladyironchef Is Hiring – Join Our Team
    YES! WE ARE HIRING AGAIN! We are calling out to all foodies and passionate travellers to join our team as we continue to spread the joy of eating and holidaying to the community! Keen to join our family as a Writer and be paid to eat and travel? Of course you have to read on! At Ladyironchef, we believe in sharing the best news and deals in town with the community, and with our readership that spreads across Asia, there is always fun in sussing out the best restaurants and holiday spots in the region. But other food trends and instagrammable foods from ice cream rolls, rainbow-anything and specialty soft serves have caught up. Is Thai Coconut Ice Creams still IN? (The other known… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-06-27By admin
  • Meet And Melt Ice Cream Cafe @ Tampines Street 91
    Meet and Melt was featured in The New Paper about a week ago, and my love wanted to bring me there to check out their now-famous ice cream. Because the location of the cafe is not quite near to Tampines Central (probably more than a ten minute walk away), Meet & Melt has to serve up really good ice cream for it to have hordes of fans. And it does have great ice cream together with waffles, toast and milkshakes in this cosy, family-run cafe. The walls of the cafe are also plastered with printouts of the Instagram posts… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-06-27By Grace Tan
  • Molten Churros Cheese Tart – A Must-Try Tart with Oozy Cheese
    It is true – cheese tarts are the new salted egg yolk of food trends here in Singapore because it genuinely seems like everyone is working on and introducing new cheese tart dishes. Of course, the undisputed winner – BAKE Cheese Tart – still has a special place in our hearts, but we are definitely on the look-out for more. We chanced upon Nigiro Cafe’s unique Churro Cheese Tart (S$4.80) and decided to give it a shot because it has an irresistible molten centre that just looked too good to pass up on! Nigeria Cafe is a Japanese-Italian fusion… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-06-27By Cheryl Chong
  • Expect more central bank easing, strength in yen, greenback and gold post Brexit
    The UK officially decided to leave the European Union on June 23, with leave votes trumping remain by 51.9% to 48.1%. A total of 33.5 million voted. Mayhem ensued in the markets, with the British pound dropping more than 10% to a 30-year low of 1.32 against the US dollar and the Japanese yen strengthening 6.6% past 100 during the day. Gold rose to US$1,315 per ounce, while Brent crude dropped to US$48 a barrel, weighing on commodity currencies like the Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Malaysian ringgit. Finally, UK Prime Minister David Cameron stunned markets with his… ... read more
    Source: on 2016-06-27By The Edge Markets
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